All you need to do is decide how long you want to stay


All you need to do is decide how long you want to stay


-Hot Stone Full Body Massage – Vitamin Boost Facial – Cheese Plate –

When the options are just too good, pick both! The best of both worlds.

Energy meridians realign allowing your woes to melt away with the warmth of hot stones as they are massaged over your body encouraging lymphatic circulation.

With the Vitamin Boost Facial infusing botanical actives into the deeper layers of the skin to leave it feeling hyrdrated, firm and revitalised. Step away feeling renewed. 

Allow 2 1/2 hrs


– Detox Body Wrap – Scalp Therapy – Tailored Facial – Cheese Plate –

Connect to your inner self. Cocooned to be reborn from the outside in.

An experience from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. 

A Detox Body Wrap , Scalp Therapy, with a tailored facial and clay mask. Refill your cup with the most nutrient rich vitamins and minerals while the mud purifies all the dirt, debris, and anything that no longer serves you.

Reawaken and reenergise from the inside out.

Allow 3 hrs


– Sauna – Purity Massage – Heart Chakra Facial – Cheese Plate –

An experience to rekindle with the you that you love.

Enjoy an invigorating Infra Red Sauna to sweat out all the bad to allow the good to come in. Break down stagnant energy and encourage it to flow with the perfect duality of Purity Massage and Heart Chakra Facial.

The triad of thermal clay, chakra oils, and a crystal singing bowl, create the perfect synergy to make you feel more than the sum of your parts. Be vulnerable to this moment, connect your senses, and acknowledge self love is really what makes us pure.

Allow 4 hrs


– Sauna – Detox Body Wrap – Charcuterie Board – Full Body Massage –  Thermal Luminosity Facial –

You absolutely cannot have the single best experience of your life without at LEAST the slightest bit of overindulgence. Feast on every single aspect of the day spa. 

Broken down into two courses. Begin with an Infra Red Sauna and Detoxifying Body Wrap to flush out the old you and be receptive to the new and improved version.

After a shower, relax with your choice of beverage and a charcuterie board in the lounge or balcony before moving onto the MANE course. A thorough full body massage leaves you feeling almost full, before a mouth watering Thermal Luminosity Facial tops you off like a dessert.

Your perspective of yourself and your time at MANE will be one of the nest and completely unforgettable.

Allow 6 hrs


Enhance your treatment with our enhancement add on options.








From $70



(Must be pre booked)

All enhancements must be booked in conjunction with another treatment.

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